Our team is based in Reading, Berkshire,  London and Manchester. Our projects covers Berkshire, Oxford, London, Manchester, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire .

Please note that we do not take work in Hounslow Borough  due to our relationship with the local Authority as Principle Urban Designer.


Housing design, extensions  Please scroll down to see samples of our architectural work. 

Building Reg: 

We also provide Working Drawings and Structural Calculations for Building Reg approval and project supervision. 

Landscape Design: 

We have personal enjoyment working on creating beautiful landscape design and designing houses front garden and drives, which include planning for any required permission such as car drive and drop kerbs, etc.   

Urban Design:

Master planning, Design Briefs and Principles ,  Connectivity,  Regeneration and Morphological studies.

Planning Permissions:

Submitting customers planning application to local authorise and engaging in  related meeting with the council planning officials on behalves of the customer.

Impressions and 3D images:

Hand drawings, oil painting, pencil and variety of software’s.

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Architectural projects samples

3d high

Oxford old with logo. Markting





Black & white


Back garden 2.2

Mufty 3Elevation 1 N

slef built

Shisah Lounge at the river side in Salford, Manchester City Centre